...and welcome to ShipPedia.com bringing you details on British registered ships from the 19th and 20th centuries.

The initial data will be starting from 1858 as this is the earliest information I have which include the vessels Official Number. Official numbers were first introduced in Britain in 1855 and even though a vessels name, ownership even the size and weight can change over time, the vessels will always retain it's unique given Official Number which makes keeping track of these changes over time easier to do.

Owners, type of vessel, when/where built, built by, dimensions, photos and other details will be added at a later date.

Please keep in mind though, that all entries are subject to errors and should never be considered as exact. Errors may be introduced when the information was first compiled either during the list printing phase, or incorrect transcribing, as well as any typing errors I myself have incurred in entering this information.

New information will be uploaded regularly so remember to bookmark and return again.


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